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Why Water Cooler Chat Matters

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Everyone knows about the water cooler moment, where all the good conversations happen during the day. Maybe it is where you meet your workplace best friend, or you finally start building a dynamic with the boss. Whatever happens there, it is bound to increase your work experience. And it isn't all about the social aspect, having a water cooler increases individual well being as well as work productivity. That is just the start of why you should get a water cooler, here are a few more reasons!

1. You can help the environment

Water coolers aren't what they use to be, and a bottleless water cooler will encourage your office to be a little more eco-friendly. There is no need for your employees to keep buying plastic water bottles that go immediately to a landfill. Not to mention, you can promote the use of reusable water bottles!

2. It will boost productivity

It may seem counterintuitive at first, but by having a water cooler employees can take a quick break at, you will greatly improve company productivity by giving your employees a much-needed break to relax and reset. An office water service will also give your employees a much-needed break to refresh and get back to work with their full effort because you are keeping your workforce hydrated.

3. It encourages workplace communication

The key to any company is good communication, and a great way to facilitate this is with a water cooler. This small appliance will work a huge miracle for company comradery, encouraging conversation between employees, as well as creating a dialogue with management that will make your company run a lot smoother.

4. Supports employees' health

Having your employees drink more water will keep them healthy! This means fewer people taking sick days and a better work environment for everyone. Not to mention drinking more water will help little things like the smell of someone's breath, making everyone a lot more pleasant to work with!

5. Your office space will be a little more desirable

Office design matters, you want people to love the place they work in and an office water service is one way to give the space a little boost. If your employees enjoy coming to work, they are going to put a lot more effort into everything they do! Having a water cooler makes the space a little more enjoyable, and will create an area for people to relax when they need a short break.

6. You can provide water filtration

With an office water service, you can provide yourself and all the employee's water that has been filtered through a top-notch system. 80% of the country has hard water, and a great way to fight against it is through water filtration, which can be provided by a water cooler!

There is no way you can go wrong when you get a water cooler for your office. From the care of your employees to the quality of work, a water cooler can only benefit the office.

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