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Why Keeping Your Workforce Hydrated Is Essential To The Success Of Your Business

keeping your workforce hydrated

Everybody knows that water is essential to survival, but few are aware of the changes your mind and body goes through when it doesn't get as much of the life-sustaining liquid as it needs. As a business owner or manager, personal success (and the success of the company) depends on the cognition and dedication of your employees. Here are a few reasons why keeping your workforce hydrated is important to the overall maintenance and profit of the business.

Constant Cognition

Dehydration is usually understood as the result of days spent wandering through a scorching desert with no civilization in sight. While that isn't necessarily wrong (dehydration does occur in such scenarios), mild and moderate dehydration can happen right at home, simply from inattention or preoccupation.

So what, big deal, right? Turns out, it matters. Research has discovered that being dehydrated by just 2% can impair performance in subjects that require attention, psychomotor, and immediate memory skills -- a.k.a., what the average person does during their day job. Your employees will be less alert and less focused on their work simply because access to cold, clean water isn't a priority. The addition of a water cooler service in the workplace, even a basic countertop water dispenser, can boost productivity and keep your workers focused on the task at hand.

Healthiness is Happiness

There are emotional benefits as well: staying constantly hydrated balances your internal systems, so you just feel better. Not to mention the fact that it's called "water cooler talk" for a reason -- the very existence of an office water dispenser encourages your employees to socialize and can provide much needed breaks from the work environment. Remember: healthy workers are happy workers, and happy workers get more work done.

Global consumption of bottled water actually increases around 10% each year, showing that people continue to care more and more about staying healthy and hydrated; you don't want to fall behind that curve and watch your productivity drop as a result. Install an office water cooler and reap the benefits that come from keeping your workforce hydrated.

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