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What You Need to Know About Water in the Workplace

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Water is essential to life on this planet. Despite this fact, nearly one in eight people on Earth do not have access to clean, potable water. The human body is about 60% water and people can only live about three or four days without it. Many people try to drink more water but their focus is often on drinking more at home. That is too bad because most people today spend more waking hours at work than at home. Research shows that people will take advantage of commercial water coolers to consume more water at work.

When business owners and managers think about office water coolers, the image that comes to mind the most often is of people standing around gossiping. While there is meaningful work that can take place around the office water dispenser, it is also good to keep your workforce more hydrated.

Providing commercial water coolers for your workforce can have a lot of great benefits. Workers who drink enough water are healthier, happier, and more productive.

  • Well-hydrated workers are healthier. Experts say that about 75% of people around the United States suffer from some degree of chronic dehydration. When a person loses even 2% of the water in their body, they can suffer from a lack of focus, experience problems with visual-motor tracking, and their short-term memory can suffer. At a loss of 4% of water in a body can cause reaction times to go down by up to 23%.

  • Well-hydrated workers are happier. When people suffer from dehydration, they suffer from confusion and some brain fog that makes it hard to get anything done. This can be prevented by keeping your workforce hydrated. Drinking water can help them with their cognitive skills. It can also give them more energy and help them feel better mentally at work and at home.

  • Well-hydrated workers are more motivated. Having an office water service can help your workers drink more water, which will help them be motivated to do more and perform better. When workers are focused and energized, they are more likely to perform better and get more done.

There is a saying that you can bring horses to water but you cannot make them drink. The same can be said of employees. Even if you get a commercial water cooler, you may have to do more to get people to use it.

  • Put together an office policy to get people to drink more water. You cannot mandate that people drink more water at work but you can set a policy to encourage them to drink more. Provide the people you work with some information on how proper hydration can impact their lives and health.

  • Make it a point to use the commercial water cooler you have. If people see that the boss is drinking more water, they may be more likely to follow suit.

  • Put out fruits to help them make the water you provide taste better. You can get healthy flavor packets and give them a supply of lemons, cucumbers, and other fruits. These can make the water more enjoyable to drink.

  • Pass out branded water bottles. When it comes to great business swag, you cannot really go wrong with water bottles. People carry them all over. If you give your workers water bottles with your logo, they will use them in the workplace and around town.

  • Make sure your employees take breaks. This is important for their well being and can be a great time to get them to drink some more water.

  • Make the water easy to access. No office water cooler solution is really effective if you do not have the right amount of coolers for the size of your workforce. For a number of workplaces, this is more than just a nice thing to do for the people who work for you. This may be something you legally need to do.

People need to have enough water to drink every day. It is very easy for people to neglect this fact and go for other beverages. A lot of sodas people drink and coffee drinks actively dehydrate a person. By offering commercial water coolers and encouraging your employees to drink more water, your business will do better.

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