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What Makes Spring Water, Spring Water?

Updated: Jan 3, 2019

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Spring water is typically heralded as the best water you can put into your body. Countless water bottle manufacturers and brands of filtered water attempt to put "spring" on their water for the best sales. In fact, studies have shown that spring water is the most natural water you can drink.

Even big brand, Nestle, attempted to falsely advertise Poland Spring Water in 2003. As such, they ended up paying more than $10 million to charity to settle its lawsuit.

But what makes spring water, well, springy?

What is spring water

Spring water is water that has been harvested from an underground aquifer, typically a well, though no well needs to be present. Spring water is often harvested from natural springs in hills and valleys where a spring forms from between limestone.

What makes spring water better than other waters?

Spring water is typically known as the best water due to the underground filtration process it goes through on its way to the surface. As such, spring water is typically safe to drink directly from a well, but its quality is not guaranteed. Before spring water reaches your store's shelves, it's been monitored and often treated to meet the established EPA standards for pH balance.

Are there benefits to drinking spring water?

Every person needs to drink water to live, but some say spring water is the best for you. This is primarily because it's typified as a natural water source, but it also contains those necessary minerals through its natural filtration process. This includes trace elements of calcium, magnesium, sodium, and potassium, to name a few.

Does it taste better?

Spring water is thought to taste better because of its naturally alkaline properties and mineral content. Many other types of water will be infused with artificial alkaline properties to mimic the taste and appearance of spring water. It's not necessarily worse for you, but you're missing out on those natural minerals that help your body.

When spring water is sold in a plastic bottle, however, the taste may change. Try drinking water from a bottleless water cooler service for the best in refreshment.

Is it better than purified water?

In the end, it comes down to preference. Minerals in your water can remain despite a great water filtration process. Oftentimes, purified water goes through multiple processes to remove bacteria, such as reverse osmosis, advanced filtration, and deionization. It's a pure water that can hydrate your employees and home effectively.

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