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What Are the Health Benefits of Water Filtration?

water filtration

Most of us know the health benefits associated with proper hydration. When you consume the recommended amount of water, you'll have more energy, will think more clearly, and reduce your likelihood of various ailments (like headaches). But what you might not realize is that the type of water you drink can have profound effects on your health, too.

Tap Water Can Contain Harmful Chemicals...

One of the most important differences between tap water and filtered water is what's added (and what's taken out). Many municipal tap waters can contain fluoride additives, while others might even have levels of toxins such as arsenic and lead due to aging infrastructure. Some tap water also contains aluminum, which has been linked to everything from skin issues and hyperactivity to dementia and liver disease. DBPs, or disinfection byproducts, may also be present due to the elements that form when water is disinfected with chlorine, as can pesticides and fertilizers. Do you really want to ingest those chemicals every time you fill up your glass from the faucet? Absolutely not. That's why homeowners and business owners around the country rely on advanced filtration options to ensure their water is truly safe.

...But Not All Filtered Water is Created Equal

Keep in mind that your home water filter may not actually providing all the benefits you think. Unbeknownst to most people, Brita filtered water can sometimes contain 10,000 times the bacteria colony count as tap water does! So while those filters may remove some harmful additives, using these kinds of systems could actually make you sick.

When choosing a water filtration system for your home or office, you'll want a system that can correlate with your existing water line. Your residential or commercial water dispenser will then be able to filter any and all water that comes through that line -- and ensure that it's heated or cooled to your exact specifications. Not only can you feel good about what's in your water, but it will actually taste better -- inspiring you, your family, and your employees to stay hydrated throughout the day.

The Health Benefits of a Water Filtration System

When you invest in a home water dispenser or an office water service, you'll be able to remove all of those chemicals and additives instantly -- subsequently eliminating those associated health risks. What's more, you won't have to deal with the negative consequences of using bottled water. Not only is bottled water worse for the environment, but some estimates have suggested that a good portion of bottled water is actually bottled tap water. Plus, the plastic bottles used typically contain BPA, which has been linked to obesity risk, certain cancers, and immune system problems. Even office coolers that rely on large bottles have their health risks; having to carry these heavy bottles around leaves employees at risk for injury.

A reliable water filtration system will allow you to successfully remove thousands of chemicals that your municipality might otherwise miss. Not only will this translate to a healthier family or workforce, but it will also make your water taste more delicious. As a result, everyone will be encouraged to stay hydrated and benefit from all of the positive effects clear, clean water can provide. To learn more about our water filtration solutions, please contact us today.

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