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Water Cooler Conversations: Why Your Office Needs A Bottleless Water Cooler

bottleless water cooler service

How much water do you drink a day? Be honest. It's a stop-and-think kind of question: Are you (and those around you) properly hydrated?

A human body consists of 60% water. If you don't stay hydrated, or you drink unhealthy beverages, your health is toast.

Apply this simple fact of nutrition to your coworkers or employees. Are they at their healthiest due to consumption of clean, reputable, filtered water?

If a bottleless water cooler isn't a staple of your office setting, chances are your coworkers are' ingesting water from inferior sources during that nine-to-five. Here's why using a bottleless water cooler service in your office is a healthful, eco-friendly option.

Bottled Water Is A Lie

At the risk of generalizing unfairly, let's stick to this simple yet hard-hitting statement: Bottled water is a lie. Why, you may ask.

Here's the simple truth: Many bottled water suppliers touted their water as being clean, freshly filtered spring water. A 2003 class action lawsuit against Nestle, the manufacturer of Poland Spring water exposed the lie in this marketing ploy.

It turns out that only about 10% of the manufacturer's bottled water came from an actual spring. As the winners of the class-action suit learned, the rest of the water comes from the tap.

That's right; you might as well just buy empty plastic bottles and fill them at your kitchen sink. Or better yet, ditch that idea and take advantage of a bottleless water cooler for your office. Unlike many bottled water brands, commercial water dispensers come with water that's put through an advanced filtration procedure. this practice is well-documented and transparent, offering you and your coworkers peace of mind about your water source.

Bottleless Water Cooler Services Are Convenient

How much storage space do your dozens of water bottles take up?

If you share office space with numerous people, storage is limited. Every spot in the office fridge counts as prime real estate. So why pack it with bottles of beverages when you can just invest in a bottleless water cooler solution?

A commercial water cooler keeps your filtered water refrigerated without taking up space in the communal fridge. If you opt for a countertop water dispenser, the countertop footprint is small, leaving you even more free floor space in your place of business.

It's pure convenience when anyone from your office can simply come up to the cooler and grab a sip of h2o whenever they're thirsty. No need to keep track of bottles and coveted fridge space. With one touch of a button on a shared high capacity water cooler, all the water-colored office drama suddenly dissipates.

Water Coolers Promote A Healthy Lifestyle

Did you know that women need at least eight glasses of water a day to remain in good health?

It's often said that when something is in a person's line of sight, that person is more likely to indulge in it. While this is not exact science, it proves true in many cases.

If you choose a bottleless water cooler for your office, you can test out this logic with a beverage that's all-natural, refreshing, and healthy. No more raiding the vending machine for fattening soft drinks.

Simply put, keeping your workforce hydrated is not only convenient, it's a step toward collectively better health.

Water Coolers Are Eco-Friendly

It should go without saying that plastic water bottles create a lot of pollution and waste. If you feel guilty about this, but you're still keen on drinking water, don't worry; you don't have to resort to drinking straight from the tap. A bottleless water cooler service is the perfect compromise between wasteful bottles of water and dirty city water.

Instead of lining your recycle bin with plastic bottles, you can simply drink from small paper cups. If you want to be even more eco-friendly (and save a bunch of money), have your office mates use their favorite coffee mugs with the office water dispenser.

Is Your Office Ready For A Bottleless Water Cooler Service?

A bottleless water cooler is a small appliance that packs a big punch. Is your workplace ready for one? Contact us to learn more about your office water service options.

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