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Want to Get Your Employees to Drink More Water? These 6 Tips Can Help

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Water is essential to life as we know it. The lack of access to clean water is a problem for people all over the globe. It has been estimated that about one in every eight people lacks access to clean water to drink, cook with, and bathe. These are places where commercial water coolers are not a possibility.

Water is crucial for the proper functioning of most systems in the human body. The human body is comprised of a lot of water. The substance makes up about 60% of a person's body. If that was not a good enough reason to drink more water, consider the fact that 90% of the human brain is water. Increasing water consumption can boost productivity in the workplace. This means if you see your staff hanging around the office water cooler, that may not be such a bad thing.

Drinking more water can also help people sleep better, feel more energetic, give people a better ability to focus, increases alertness and awareness, and lets people become more clear minded. All of these are good in the way that they help people produce better work and be more efficient while completing tasks.

While you cannot compel people to drink water from the high capacity commercial water cooler you have had put in, there are things you can do to promote drinking more water at work. Here are some ideas:

1. Make clean and tasty wa

ter available in your business. If you have a commercial water cooler, you have a better chance of getting your employees to drink water. The reason for this is simple. People will drink the beverages you have available for them to drink. When offices provide coffee, people drink more coffee. If you have good, clean, and tasty water, people will drink that. Larger businesses may need more than one commercial water cooler.

2. Provide your employees with more information on the benefits of drinking more water. There are a lot of advantages and benefits of drinking water. Let your employees know that drinking water can: - Boost metabolism. - Help with weight loss. - Boost energy and mood. - Improve skin health. - Make people look younger.

3. Give away great water bottles with your logo. People use water bottles a lot. They carry them around everywhere. When you have your brand on the water bottles that you give to your workers, you can help spread the awareness of your brand while you are encouraging them to drink more water. Have fun with the design you use for your water bottles. This can make them more fun to use and makes them more noticeable.

4. Find ways to make the water taste better. Clean water tastes better than dirty water, of course. Your commercial water cooler will give your employees healthy tasting water to drink but you can do more. There are a lot of products out there that have been designed to make water taste better. Offer fruits that can be used in water to give it a fresh taste. Fruits such as watermelon, lemon, cucumber (it is a fruit!), can make water taste better.

5. Make it an office-wide contest. While you do not want any of your employees to do anything unhealthy (too much water can be dangerous), it can be a fun thing to see who in your office takes the most advantage of the water you offer. When people fill up their water bottles, let them place stamps on a card. When they fill the card up with stamps, they win a prize. The more cards they fill with stamps, the more prizes they can win.

6. Be the change you want to see in the world. You may not be able to encourage anyone who works for you to drink more water if you do not partake yourself. Get one of your company water bottles and fill it with water from the commercial water cooler. Make sure people see you using it and refilling your water bottle on a regular basis. This will inspire others to do the same.

Getting a good office water service is just the beginning when you want your employees to drink water. It helps to work to encourage the healthy practice.

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