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Upgrade Your Employee Break Room to Boost Morale

hot and cold water cooler

As a manager or business owner, one of your responsibilities is looking after the well-being of your employees while they are at work. While regulations vary, many business owners find that if they invest a little more into their employee break area, it will boost productivity and create higher morale amongst employees. There are simple ways to design an inviting space that employees will love to go to for break time.

Hot and Cold Water Cooler

A hot and cold water cooler is one of the simplest ways to care for your employees. Our bodies are comprised of about 60% water and proper hydration is important for our bodies to function properly. Dehydration can lower brain function, make employees tired or dizzy and more irritable. An office water dispenser will make sure you are keeping your workforce hydrated and having a positive impact on the environment. Many office water services will customize the water cooler solution that works best for your business.

Paint and Decorate

Many employee break rooms lack character. They are just as sterile and boring as the cubicles the employees work in. Another simple way to upgrade the break room is by painting and decorating. A bright color will cheer employees and a comfy couch will give them a space to relax for a moment. Add a couple of pieces of art to the walls, and fresh flowers to make space employees will love to take a break in.

No Work Zone

Another simple and free way to upgrade your break room is to make it a work-free zone. Many people find it stressful when people talk to them about work during their lunch or break time. If you want to help relieve stress for your workers, make the break room a space safe from the stresses of work. You may even want to implement a small penalty so people will be less likely to violate the rule. Most importantly, make it clear that you as the boss or manager respect this rule and that employees can enforce the rule, especially if superiors try to violate it.

Running a business entails a lot of different responsibilities, one of the most important being taking care of your staff. By taking the time to upgrade your employee break room you can show that you care and have a more peaceful work environment.

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