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Troubleshooting Water Dispenser Malfunctions

A commercial water dispenser is a piece of indispensable office equipment, which helps your staff to stay hydrated. Humans can only stay for 3 to 4 days without clean water. These dispensers fulfill this need by keeping your workforce hydrated. They provide cold water that cools them off in the hot summer season and hot water for a cup of chocolate or instant tea in the cold winter seasons.

Like all other equipment, dispensers aren't flawless. They often encounter problems that make them malfunction. This post highlights some of the common commercial water dispenser problems and how to solve them.

Is Your Office Water Dispenser Leaking?

Various reasons may cause leakages in water dispensers. For instance, when you forget to empty the drip tray under the taps, then it may fill up and overflow. The overflowing water collects at the foot or base of the dispenser. To correct this problem, you should empty the drip tray to provide space for holding overflows.

If the leaking water is flowing from your dispensers faucet, then it's likely that your faucet's shut off valve is faulty. It isn't easy to repair or replace a defective shut off valve on your own. As such, you should contact your authorized repair agent to get help.

Has Your Commercial Water Dispenser Failed To Heat Your Water?

First, check the hot water control feature. You should turn it on if it is off. This feature often comes in the form of a small switch on the dispenser that indicates where you should turn on the machine for hot water. You should flip on the switch. If you still can't get hot water, then you should check the outlet to ensure the dispenser is well plugged into the power outlet.

If the hot and cold water cooler gets connected and the outlet is switched on, and there is no hot water, then you should check the overload switches. Sometimes overloads cause tripping that shuts off power. If the power disconnection was as a result of an overload, then you should turn it on and give the dispenser a few minutes before trying it again.

At this point, if the water doesn't heat up, then the problem may be the outlet. You should call in an electrician to check it. If the outlet and mains are functioning well and they're powered, then the problem may be in the heating element or coil. At this point, you can call in an authorized repair agent to check the dispenser's heating system.

Is The Dispensed Water Too Hot?

The temperature of the water dispensed from a commercial water dispenser depends on the set temperature level. If the water is too hot, then you should solve the problem by changing the temperature level using the thermostat unit control.

Is The Pressure Of The Dispensed Water Too Low?

Low water pressure at the dispenser's faucet may be a result of an obstruction that may be within the pipe that connects the water tank to the faucet. You can disconnect this pipe and blow some air through it to check whether it's blocked. If there is no obstruction in the tube, then you should check the outlet valve. An outlet valve that isn't well open can cause low water pressure. As such, check the valve to make sure it is free.

Is the Taste of the Dispensed Water Odd?

Odd water taste results from the growth of mildew within the dispenser's components and water bottle or tank. To prevent this problem, you should clean the water bottle and tank. You should also clean the taps and the dispenser's inlet where the water bottle or tap link connects to the machine.

Your commercial water dispenser is a piece of crucial workplace equipment, which can boost productivity at the workplace. It preserves your water and ensures that your workers get clean and freshwater at a temperature that they desire. But like all equipment, the dispenser can get faulty.

You can use the steps above to troubleshoot the common dispenser problems cited and solve them as recommended.

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