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Traditional Water Coolers vs Bottleless Water Coolers: Which Is Better?

In the last decade and a half the amount of water Americans are drinking on average has increased quite a bit. In fact, most people will consume close to 40% more H2O than they did 15 years ago. Because of this, keeping your workforce hydrated is a must. If you are looking for an option that will keep everyone happy and satisfied for the long haul then consider investing in a bottleless water cooler today.

Why is this the best solution for your commercial water cooler needs? Learn about some of the many advantages of bottleless water coolers below.

You Won’t Run out of Water

Drinking water throughout the day is an effective way to keep your mind focused and boost productivity. That is, if you have enough water to go around. A traditional water cooler consists of a tank of water and, once it is empty, you are out of water until someone decides to switch the jug.

No more jugs in storage? Then, you are out of luck until your next shipment arrives. If this is all too common in your workplace, it is time to find a water cooler solution that works for everyone.

A bottleless water cooler hooks right into your plumbing, so you never need to stress about missing a delivery, replacing the water tank, or unloading a supply of heavy water jugs. Anytime you want a refreshing drink, it is there for you. Not to mention, think of how much space you’ll save when all those bulky containers are gone. It’s a win all around.

They’re Better for the Environment

Those water bottles aren’t just known for taking up space in the office - they take up space in the landfill, too. The plastic the water is stored in will not break down in the garbage, and by eliminating your use of them, you can reduce your carbon footprint significantly.

If your office space is one of the many throughout the country that is striving to go greener, this is an extremely effective way to do so. And think… less water deliveries results in less emissions going into the air from delivery trucks. You will be making an impact in more ways than one.

You Can Save Money

Using a bottleless water cooler in your office is known for lowering expenses quite a bit. When it comes to a cost-effective office water service, getting gallons of water delivered week after week is not the answer. Because the tankless options eliminate so many steps and utilize less waste all around, you wind up saving quite a bit of dough. Eager to learn more? Contact our staff today and we would be happy to discuss your options

Our Team Is Here for You

All in all, a bottleless water cooler service will bring you countless benefits and, by working with the team here at Sky Water Systems, you ensure you get the personalized, high-quality care you deserve.

Our water is carefully filtered, ensuring you get a fresh sip in every glass, and we will not lock you in with any strict contracts. If you aren’t happy with our services, feel free to cancel at any time.

The time to invest in better water for your workspace is now. Contact us today, and we can set something.

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