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The Future Of Bottleless: Edible Water Bottles

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The world is facing a major pollution problem. The Great Pacific Garbage Patch can't seem to stop growing as plastics are constantly being contributed to its mass. People continue to purchase and support bottled water (even as an alternative to the free water they have at home) despite the awareness surrounding the delicate balance of our ecosystem and devastating impact plastic is having on it.

The U.K., an estimated 16 million water bottles are thrown out every day. While the rate of recycling is even lower in the U.S., a new British invention seeks to solve the problem on their own turf with Oohos, spherical edible water bottles. The jelly-like blob of water (for lack of a better term) is made from biodegradable materials -- tasteless brown algae and calcium chloride, to be exact -- that can either be consumed with the water or thrown on the compost pile as it will decompose naturally within a few weeks.

"When people try it for the first time, they want to eat it because it's part of the experience," says Pierre Paslier, co-founder of Skipping Rocks Lab, the startup developing the packaging. "Then it will be just like the peel of a fruit. You're not expected to eat the peel of your orange or banana. We are trying to follow the example set by nature for packaging."

Oohos have mostly be used in sporting events as an alternative to plastic cups and bottles. Unfortunately, the quirky concept hasn't quite jumped the ocean to America yet. But, of course, we have our own sustainable, plastic-free options: high capacity office water cooler solutions help employees stay hydrated and focused, residential water cooler services purify your home's water of contaminants, and bottle-less water coolers are found at a myriad of events.

The human body is 60% water; while we need to drink the stuff, we don't need to leave anything behind. Whether you're thinking of taking a trip to London, or are simply interested in a high capacity water dispenser, you are making a difference in our environment. Instead of making that Garbage Patch a few inches bigger (it's already double the size of Texas, it doesn't need your help), skip the bottle.

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