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The End Of An Era: Game Of Thrones Considered To Be The Last True Water Cooler TV Show

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Commercial water coolers have been the hub of the office for decades. Both large and small appliances allow employees to gather and discuss brief moments of their lives; naturally, music and media often make their way into these conversations. In the days of old, when only a few contenders were being aired, everyone had something to chat about. From the comedic genius of 30 Rock to the gripping thrills of Breaking Bad, the office water dispenser provided people with a place to gush about the latest episodes. Now, as Game Of Thrones enters its final season, the traditional office water cooler talk may come to an end.

Game Of Thrones is one of the most popular television shows of all time. The season eight premiere counted a staggering 17.4 million viewers throughout the world. The show's complex and riveting plotlines do more than just keep people coming back for more -- they encourage discussion among its fans. With so many twists and turns, lies and deceits, the groundbreaking television show seems to force people of all backgrounds to talk about what happened, and what they believe will happen next.

"Divided by class, politics and identity, we can at least come together to watch Game of Thrones -- which averaged 32.8 million legal viewers in season seven," wrote Judy Berman in an article in Time. "If fantasy buffs, academics, TV critics, proponents of Strong Female Characters, the Gay of Thrones crew, Black Twitter, Barack Obama, J. Lo, Tom Brady, and Beyoncé are all losing their minds over the same thing at the same time, the demise of that collective obsession is worth lamenting."

Studies have shown that the conversations that occur over the office water service do impact productivity, so one has to wonder how the loss of a unifying show -- something that nearly everyone watches and has opinions on -- could affect the workplace. The small appliances will have to work a little bit harder to encourage office chats, but hey -- at least we'll still be hydrated! When you consider the fact that one in eight people don't have access to clean water, the end of Game Of Thrones becomes slightly less important.

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