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The Battle of the Bottle(less): Filtered vs Bottled

For decades there has been heated discussions on which way of drinking H2O is better for the human body; consumption by bottle or water filtration system. Every individual has their own personal opinions and stated facts on the matter, but what does science say on the subject? Is a commercial water cooler solutions system the best way of filtering out all the microbes and bacteria that we are not to ingest, or does the factory have the best solution? Let's take a peek and discover which avenue is best for receiving our adequate amount of daily water consumption.

Facts inform us that one in every eight people living in this world does not have access to clean water. Also, one in every five deaths of children under the age of five is due to a water related disease. Just with these two listed facts relating to the purity of water, or lack thereof, is a cause for concern in the water sterilization process. Let's take a walk through bottled water and commercial water cooler solutions to see how this is purified and which option is best for receiving clean water.

Bottled water has several options pertaining to taste and where it comes from. For example, artesian water comes from an artesian well, drawing water from a confined aquifer and mineral water is spring water that has at least 250 parts per million of total dissolved solids in it. These solids are minerals like calcium and magnesium, which must be present in the water at the source. Other types of bottled waters are naturally sparkling water, purified water, spring water and well water which all contain different ingredients and will have their own natural aquifer.

As for commercial water cooler solutions, these can range from a small appliance you can keep in your own home, or an office water dispenser. These systems have advanced filtration, balance ph levels, and are a bottleless water cooler. This lowers the disposal of bottles into our trash due to being able to use your personal cups/thermal, and provides the recommended amount of natural minerals suggested by doctors. How is this possible; because of the maintenance required to continuously regulate how these commercial water cooler solutions are filtered.

Even a hot and cold water cooler can be produced, which will lower the usage of the microwave and/or coffee maker. This saves on electricity, water usage, and the dissolving of the proper minerals our bodies need for our everyday health. Drinking water from a natural spring or creek can be risky because there is no way of testing the levels of minerals, or testing for bad bacteria freely. That process takes time, the proper equipment, and the right PH degree to understand what is safe for our bodies.

Deciding which form of processed water to allow for healthy amounts of ingestion can be tricky, but consciously we want body positive and eco friendly. Having a system in place that is maintained and continuously checked for proper filtration can ease our minds and boost productivity. Adding commercial water cooler solutions to your workplace, or to your residential address, is keeping your workforce hydrated and creating a "Green" environment.

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