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Office Hydration Challenge: 3 Steps To Encouraging Productivity In Your Employees

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Even the slightest amount of dehydration can cause fatigue, irritability, headaches, and poor concentration. As the symptoms mount, cognition and productivity plummet; although people know that drinking water can improve their moods and overall health, many are dismayed at the thought of chugging liters of the stuff across a single day -- especially in a work environment where the number of bathrooms are limited!

Fortunately, the one-size-fits-all doctor's recommendation from decades past (i.e., eight glasses of water a day for men and women of all sizes) is no longer the status quo: instead, a person's daily water intake should equal between one-half ounce and one ounce for each pound in weight. With this knowledge in hand, you are free to create the perfect hydration challenge in your office, aimed toward keeping your workforce hydrated. The following three steps will boost productivity in no time.

1. Set the rules. It takes 21 days to make a habit, so that's how long your challenge should run. Schedule a kickoff meeting to explain the goals and why they matter, and hand out quality, branded water bottles to each employee; create a chart that details the upcoming three weeks and encourage your workers to keep track of the number of times they fill their bottles up (and empty them!) each day.

2. Provide lots of access. Actions speak louder than words, so put your money where your mouth is and set up several office water coolers and office water services for your employees to fill up at. If you own a large building, or your business simply sees a lot of movement between multiple areas, place these office water services in the most heavily populated and trafficked locations. Not only do these units remove impurities due to their advanced filtration systems, they also balance pH to create a beverage that is as tasty as it is refreshing.

3. Reward! As the challenge continues, follow the chart and reward those drinking their daily recommended amounts with hydration backpacks or infusion water bottles (or even gift cards for those tougher cases). Hopefully, your employees will discover how much better they feel, and you can discuss any improvements made in their work as proof of the fruits of their labor.

Be sure to set an example by charting your own progress as well. As your entire office makes efforts toward a more healthy and productive lifestyle, they'll feel as well as see the benefits.

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