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Keep Your Staff Hydrated: 4 Major Health Benefits of Water

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One of the most important things for the human body is the consumption of water. After all, we can't survive more than a few days without fresh water, making it the single most important resource to consume. But, even as we decide to drink more water, a greater premium is being placed on both the quality and the way in which it is distributed. Bottled water can cause a number of environmental issues, and it also comes with problems that advanced filtration water sources prevent. Do you need a little more convincing to bring in a bottleless water cooler solution to your place of work? Consider these benefits of keeping your workforce hydrated, and the benefits of water for the human body.

Four Benefits of Water

Hunger: Many people mistakenly think that they are hungry when they're actually thirsty. Drinking plenty of water may help curb snacking and will certainly result in a noticeable caloric deficit when substituted for sugary beverages.

Muscles: Protein isn't the only thing that is beneficial for your muscles. Water helps to provide muscles with energy, which prevents muscle fatigue and allows for greater performance. That doesn't just mean better results at the gym! Keep your workers energized, and the workflow will benefit.

Skin: Because your skin contains water, dehydration can actually cause wrinkles and dryness. It may seem like a simple thing, but proper hydration can go a long way towards making people look and feel better.

Regularity: Staying hydrated can help prevent constipation and promote positive gut health in the process. Keeping the body's gut health in check can improve the immune system, and that can result in fewer sick days.

Has the time come for your business to consider all office water cooler options from commercial water cooler companies? Obviously, there are a lot of benefits to a hydrated work staff. But, only the advanced filtration that you get from the right bottleless option will provide your staff with the ultimate health benefits. And, when you replace all of those water bottles with a bottleless choice, you will ultimately be benefitting the environment as well as saving money on buying endless bottles. Check out the positives of an advanced filtration system today!

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