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How To Reduce Your Carbon Footprint...Starting In Your Kitchen

Reducing our carbon footprint is one of the best things we can do to help our planet. Between our river systems, local wildlife, and more, improving your countertop footprint might be the best way to improving your carbon footprint.

Here are some of the best ways to improve your carbon footprint right at home.

Opt for an eco-friendly design

Whether you have a large countertop footprint or a smaller countertop footprint, choosing an eco-friendly option will promote green living in the home. Choosing a recycled aluminum countertop offers a sleek finish. But if you can't divorce yourself from the classic granites and marbles that are so popular today, choosing a recycled composite option gives you the great look with reused materials. Try accenting your unique countertops with scrap wood accents like cork or eco-friendly bamboo backsplashes.

Unplug each small appliance

Unless you want spoilt milk, you probably shouldn't unplug your refrigerator. However, the small appliances in your home should be unplugged between uses. That includes your coffee pot, your microwave, and countertop water cooler. This reduces the need for electricity production for your local provider and helps lower your electric bill in the process.

Eat locally

Buying local food helps your local economy thrive. It also reduces the need for excessive transnational transport of goods and services. Americans are spoiled with the idea that they can eat anything at any time. Watermelon in the winter? You got it. But this excessive trade releases extraneous carbon emissions into our atmosphere.

If everyone bought more local foods and ate during peak season for fruits and vegetables, we'll lessen the impact of shipping countless foods from other parts of the planet. Sure, our diets will be a little more limited, but you're helping local stores and farmers in the process.

Ditch the plastic

Let's be honest: we love taking water with us on the go. After all, humans need fresh water every three days or else...it isn't pretty. The easiest way to get our water fix is by purchasing a giant selection of recyclable water bottles.

But even if we recycle all those plastic bottles, countless energy wasted and carbon is produced in the production and recycling process. Ditch plastic bottles with a health water cooler for home use. You can make an impact in the office as well by offering a bottle-less water cooler with the best water filtration. Encouraging healthy habits like this will aid both your workplace and the planet.

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