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How Office Water Dispensers Benefits Employees

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Every employer desires to boost the productivity of their employees. But how do you do this?

Well, there are several ways in which you can realize this objective. Such include providing a safe and secure working environment. Further, provide them with clean, pure and safe drinking water.

You don’t want your employees to drink dirty or unsafe water. Drinking contaminated water transmits various diseases including polio, typhoid, cholera, and dysentery. If your employees are sick, their productivity declines adversely affecting your business.

Keeping your employees healthy and happy should be your priority. Yes, your firm may be utilizing a variety of wellness programs like a gym membership, flu shots, and health fairs.

However, you should think about installing a countertop water cooler for your office. Here are the primary benefits that a water cooler solution brings to your firm.

1. It Boosts Your Productivity

As a firm, your goal should be keeping your workforce hydrated. It’s been long known that dehydration lowers the cognitive ability of a person. A study done in 2014 shows that a case of mild dehydration can force your employee into the dreaded afternoon siesta.

According to this study, a 5 percent loss of water suppresses the amount of blood flowing to the brain. The result, a low cognitive performance, attention and reaction time. So, should you force your employees to drink water?

Of course not! However, installing a water cooler solution that dispenses clean and freshwater will do the trick. The abundance of clean water ensures that your workers’ mind and body is ready to perform any task that comes their way.

2. Reduces the Employee’s Sick Days

Do you know that over 35 percent of all gastrointestinal infections are water-related? If your employees call off work due to stomach bugs, their productivity declines.

The piling workload takes a toll on your employees when they resume work. What is worse, this problem can be avoided. All you need to do is purchase an advanced water filtration system to ensure your employees stay healthy and productive.

3. Helps Maintain Energy Levels

A company employs a diverse set of employees. Some like accountants are based in offices behind their computer desks. Others like sales personnel have to spend their time in the field attracting customers to your business.

As their employer, you must ensure they're safe and healthy. The best way to do this is by investing in a good water cooler. It will provide them with clean water to replace what they’ve lost through excretion.

4. Good for Personal Hygiene

As an employer, are you responsible for the personal hygiene of your employees? Of course not! However, drinking too much water reduces bad breath and odor in the bathrooms. See dehydration leads to dark color urine that also smells rather unpleasant.

5. It Helps Build a Workplace Culture

A study shows that employees can benefit from a water cooler solution chat. When working, your employees will need time to decompress. So, what happens if your employees take a break and gather around your office water dispenser?

They'll engage each other in a conversation. This boosts their morale and productivity. The moment will also boost the organization culture by allowing a casual “face time” with senior management.

The water breaks allow employees to discover their hobbies and interests. All this boosts inclusiveness and camaraderie within your firm.

6. It Counteracts Energy Sags in the Day

The first few hours after lunch is the most unproductive in any firm. At this time, the body is digesting the large amount of food which makes it sluggish.

But guess what, the water cooler solution will hydrate a plump brain. Headaches are also common in offices with a lot of heat in the air. For instance, the heat from PCs, monitors, and photocopier machines make the environment dry. An office water cooler helps counteract these adverse effects.


When managing your firm, you want your employees to be productive. To achieve this, you should be willing to invest in their wellness. Installing a water cooler solution is the simplest way to ensure your employees are safe, healthy, and productive for years to come.

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