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How a Single Office Water Cooler Can Increase Your Productivity

As an employer, would it surprise you that something as simple as an office water cooler can actually boost your team's productivity? While we tend to think of coffee when we're looking for beverages that can help employees work harder, good old fashioned H20 can be just as effective. Here are a few ways that you can increase productivity with nothing more than a refreshing office water cooler.

Help Employees Stay Healthy

Did you know that a human can only last three or four days without fresh water? Since you need water to survive, it’s crucial to drink a few glasses of it each day. Yet most of us tend to pound coffee while we're at work, even though coffee dehydrates your body.

By providing your over caffeinated employees with endless, free water, they’ll feel encouraged to drink more water on a daily basis. Because they’ll be drinking a lot of water out of the commercial water cooler, they’re going to stay healthier throughout the year. And when you have a healthy staff, you don’t have to worry about as many unexpected sick days.

Keeps Them Awake!

We’ve all been there -- that 2:00 p.m. lag time where all you want to do is take a post-lunch siesta. But since 2:00 p.m. is prime working time, naps aren’t really an option. By drinking a lot of water, your employees will feel more alert and productive during that afternoon slump. The water cooler can be kept cool, which will provide them with the cold, refreshing jolt of energy they need to get through the rest of the day.

Promotes Positive Social Interaction With Coworkers

Have you ever heard the term, “discussions around the water cooler”? It’s not just a phrase; it's much more than that. The office water cooler really is a place where employees can hang out together for a little while and chat about their day. The water cooler serves as a location for your workers to stand around, drink some water, and share a little news about themselves. They can then go back to their work feeling rejuvenated and ready to tackle the rest of their day.

Office water cooler service does a lot more than just keeping your workforce hydrated. Along with that, they can use it as a place to interact with others, a way to stay healthy, and to help get through the mid-afternoon slump. Install a few water coolers throughout your office to improve office productivity and to make your employees a lot happier during the workday.

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