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Happy and Hydrated: 3 Important Things To Look For In An Office Water Cooler

Staying hydrated is a fundamental aspect of maintaining a healthy and functioning body. Drinking water has multiple beneficial effects, from refreshing and energizing the body to keeping digestion on the right tract. Going too long without hydrating can cause headaches, constipation, and lethargy, which is precisely why you need to ensure that your workforce has access to a clean and cold source of fresh water.

Here are three things to look for in an office water cooler to keep your staff happy and hydrated.

  • Filtration: Tap water, in addition to never quite getting cool enough to be truly satisfying, is also laden with bacteria and minerals. You'll want to make sure your office water cooler has an advanced filtration system, one that focuses on balancing pH as much as removing minerals. Be careful of which filter it contains as well: Brita filtered water can still contain up to 10,000 times the bacteria count as regular tap water! If at all possible, look into purchasing an office water dispenser that enriches the refreshing liquid as much as it cleanses it.

  • Coffee Feature: If you truly want to go above and beyond for your employees, adding an office water service that can purify the water used in nearby coffee, espresso, or ice machines is sure to boost productivity (and your staff will be overjoyed). Caffeine is obviously not as good for the body as crystal clean water, but almost all work environments see their employees dependent on the common drug. Meet them halfway and do the best you can to make sure the water being used to brew their coffee is as clean as can be.

  • High Capacity Tanks: This may seem obvious, but ensuring that there's enough water to go around is essential. There's nothing more dejecting than realizing how thirsty you are only to make it all the way to the office water cooler and discover it's bone dry. By investing in a high capacity system, you will never run that risk, and your employees will come to see the water cool as being as dependable as you.

Keep your workforce healthy and productive through the use of a high quality office water cooler.

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