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Four Benefits of Investing in an Office Water Cooler

An office water cooler is one of those quintessential things that people often gather around to shoot the breeze and talk about what they did over the weekend. When framed this way, an office water dispenser may sound more detrimental to productivity that beneficial; however, an office water cooler has many benefits that subvert these overused stereotypes.

1. Clean Drinking Water

While most major cities have relatively clean water, 80% of the United States utilizes hard water. And, even if your business is located in a major city, most folks are averse to pouring themselves a tall glass of tap water. A commercial water cooler ensures that all employees have access to clean, filtered, and perfectly chilled water. This type of cooler can also help your company cut back on plastic waste, as employees can use eco-friendly paper cups, as opposed to multiple plastic bottles every day.

2. Affordability

Office water cooler services are also more affordable overall when compared to packages of water bottles. This is especially true if your business is footing the bill for keeping water bottles stocked for employees. Most water coolers utilize large five-gallon jugs which can last weeks before running dry. Individual water bottles, on the other hand, can go fast, especially if each employee drinks one or two per day. For instance, five office workers can go through 10 bottles every day if each drinks an average of two bottles. This means that a 40 pack of water could be gone in less than a week! All of these costs stack up and can put a dent in your bottom line if you’re not careful.

3. Eco-Friendly

As touched on above, office water coolers that use large five-gallon jugs can help cut back on the overall plastic waste that your business creates. This not only means you’ll generate less trash, but it can help improve your image among eco-conscious clients. The large five-gallon jugs are also easily recyclable, and most water services will pick up your old jugs when they deliver your new ones.

4. No Maintenance

Utilizing a hot and cold water cooler doesn’t require much, if any, maintenance on your part. While jugs will have to be replaced, you don’t have to worry about hauling them from the car into the building, and instead can pop it into place. If anything major breaks down the service you went through to get it will typically conduct the necessary repairs. The most you’ll have to do is periodically sanitize your water cooler to ensure it stays clean and free from buildup.

The office water cooler, often spoken about in jokes, but full of surprising benefits nonetheless. Hot and cold cooler options also make it easy for everyone to enjoy hot beverages such as coffee and tea, in addition to plain water. If you’re tired of stocking up on cases of water bottles, only to have them run out before the week is done, consider the advantages of a five-gallon water cooler and how it can help boost the productivity in your workplace.

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