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Filtered Coolers: Go Green for Yourself and for the Earth

We've all seen those commercials for "spring" water: refreshing in the extreme, you see dozens of different shots of crystal clear water running over pristine rocks. The truth is a little bit more ugly: with most "spring" waters actually containing around 80% to 90% regular tap water, you end up wasting a lot of money on a gimmick. Water filtration systems are a better alternative for a multitude of reasons:

  • They save you money. The average person, if they're drinking the recommended eight glasses of water a day exclusively through water bottles, spends around $1,400 a year on costs. That's just one person. If you have an entire workforce you're supplying with bottled water, that number multiplies exponentially. If you decide to switch to a commercial water cooler, however, you would save potentially thousands of dollars every year. Even if you're a single person household, or only have a small family, you could still discover incredible savings by making the switch.

  • Filtered water simply tastes better. Most people cite taste for the reason they drink bottled water, although they probably have no idea that bottled water is comprised of mostly municipal water -- the same stuff that runs through their pipes for free. Most people (around 80% of the entire country) suffer from hard water, or water that has a high mineral content (usually calcium or limestone). Home water dispensers remove these minerals using advanced filtration, balancing the pH and producing clean-tasting, refreshing water.

  • Water filtration systems provide ease of access. Regardless of your needs, whether your hydrating an energetic family or a bustling workforce, there's a water cooler out there for you. These versatile machines even come with coffee and hot/cold features, guaranteeing to suit all your needs and still satisfy your thirst. Don't have enough space in your office or kitchen for a full-sized water dispenser? No problem -- there are countertop sizes available which still maintain that clean (like the water they produce!) and professional look.

  • They're green. One year of water bottle production uses more than 17 million barrels of oil -- that's enough irreplaceable fossil fuel to gas up 1.3 million cars for a year. Not to mention the fact that 38 billion water bottles go un-recycled each year, adding to our planet's already vast pollution problem. The addition of a bottleless water cooler will completely eliminate your contribution to that already major dilemma.

By switching from bottles to coolers, you can greatly reduce your footprint and make a difference by using a water filtration device in your home. From taste, to cost, to conservation, the answer is clear: it's a win, win, win, all around!

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