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Factors to Consider When Buying a Residential Water Cooler

Whether you are at home, having physical exercises or handling office duties, you need sufficient water to keep your body hydrated. Water is an essential product that you should regularly take not only for hydration purposes but also for other benefits such as body metabolism, skin revitalization, and hormonal balance in the body.

Water, despite being a vital product in the life of human beings is not accessible by all people. Studies show that one in eight people around the world don’t have access to clean water for drinking. You should appreciate the fact that you can access water without problems. However, if you are struggling to get clean water, you need a residential water cooler service.

What is a residential water cooler service?

A residential water cooler, commonly known as a water filtration unit is a small appliance that helps in cooling freshwater in your house, office, or gym. Most of the dispensers are available in various stores, and you can buy one for your office. Before investing in a residential water cooler service, there are some simple factors that you should consider.

1. Cooler Capacity

There is no doubt that many people will go for high capacity residential water cooler service. However, it is important to highlight that coolers come with different capacities. You can get a high capacity cooler for residential purposes and a low capacity cooler for the office water cooler. Although you have to pay premium prices for high capacity water coolers, the cooler capacity that you select mostly depends on your specific water needs.

2. Filtration System

Water filtration is an important process because it helps in removing all the solid particles present in water. Your aim is to have clean water in your home so that you can drink without experiencing health problems. Some residential water cooler service dispensers have a filtration system, while others don’t have one. You might be tempted to choose the cooler without a filtration system because it is cheap. However, choose the dispenser with a filtration unit so that you can avoid solid particles in your drinking water.

3. Water Temperatures

At what temperatures do you need your water? It is common for people to drink cool water. However, you might want to drink warm water at night or during winter. Therefore, you need to get a water cooler that can heat and cool your water. Modern dispensers have both features. You need to make sure that your cooler can handle both functions before you make the purchase decision. Avoid one dimension cooler because it may fail to help you when you need water at different temperatures.

4. Installation and Maintenance

When you are buying a water cooler, it is important to make sure that you incorporate installation needs in your selection process. A dispenser that needs a specialized technician to handle installation will end up costing you much money. However, for office purposes, you would rather have your cooler professionally installed because it serves a large number of people.

Cooler maintenance is another important factor. Most of the coolers have very little repair and maintenance needs. However, you will be required to regularly clean your cooler so that you can maintain clean water for drinking.

5. Countertop or Freestanding

A countertop water cooler should be placed on a raised surface to allow dispensing. Placing it on a counter or a table near an electric circuit will make it accessible to other people in the house. A freestanding dispenser can stand on its own. You need to decide between buying a countertop or freestanding water cooler. Freestanding water coolers are expensive when compared to countertop dispensers. Make an effort and decide what works for you before deciding on what to purchase.

Are you looking for a residential water cooler? Sky Water Systems, which is based in New York, offers clean and modern residential water coolers. If you are looking for a cooler with advanced filtration, contact us for immediate delivery.

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