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Does Using Filtered Water To Brew Your Coffee Make A Difference?

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Coffee can be considered an American staple, part of a healthy balanced diet that keeps U.S. workers awake and engaged when they don't want to be. Considering the fact that we drink so much of the stuff (around 400 million cups a day), we should be taking a closer look at what we're actually putting in our bodies.

Coffee has colloquially become known as "bean water" as the coffee bean grounds are steeped in water before all that caffeinated goodness becomes the beverage we thrive on. But this means that coffee is essentially 99% water -- if most of the country is brewing their coffee using tap water, they may not be getting the best flavor or healthiest cup possible.

Filter, Filter, Filter!

Around 80% of the country has hard water: it is laden with minerals like calcium and magnesium, lending an odd taste to our water and leaving a harsh residue behind. While coffee machines do perform some kind of filtering, it isn't enough to remove these minerals. The best option for the best cup of coffee is a water delivery service for home; these water cooler solutions offer advanced filtration and easily balance pH, eliminating those irritating minerals without the need to buy bottle after bottle of filtered water.

By installing a water delivery service for home (countertop water coolers are the perfect size!), you'll be cutting down on plastic waste pollution, enjoying the refreshing taste of clean and clear water, and will finally be able to have the perfect cup of coffee in the morning.

Save The Machine

The benefits don't end simply in taste and convenience, however. Many coffee machines -- especially the more delicate espresso or latte machines -- can suffer (both in functionality and quality) from the buildup of these harsh minerals. Constant use of unfiltered tap water can cause your machine to break down with relative frequency, resulting in repair bills that may end up costing more than the machine itself.

Rather than allow these sediments to clog your vital machines and destroy the supplier of your morning happiness, invest in a water cooler for home; you'll notice the results immediately.

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