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Contamination Nation: The 5 Most Dangerous Chemicals Found In Tap Water

Did you know that approximately one in eight people in the world don't have access to clean water? Although the U.S. is fortunate enough to have plenty of water treatment facilities, we experience our fair share of tap water contaminants; let's take a look at the five most dangerous chemicals that may be flowing through your pipes as we speak.

Lead: Lead can seep into your water supply via aging infrastructure and pipes (which can be between 80 and 100+ years old). The physical and neurological impacts of lead poisoning can be devastating; the brain, kidney, and bones sustain serious damage, and children often suffer from developmental issues. Chromium-6: The name of this contaminant may not ring any bells, but it was the focus of the famous film -- and real-life event -- Erin Brockovich. As a classified carcinogen, chromium-6 is estimated to cause more than 12,000 cases of cancer by the end of the century if left untreated. Fluoride: People have been debating over the presence of fluoride in public water supplies for decades. Although it was originally understood to prevent tooth decay, new research has linked the chemical to neurological, immune, and gastrointestinal damage. The CDC estimates that two out of three Americans are supplied with fluoridated tap water. Chlorine and Chloramine: Though both of these chemicals are used as disinfectants, they often react with organic material in the water (such as decaying leaves) that results in harmful disinfection by-products (DBPs). Studies have linked DBPs to cancer, pregnancy issues, and a wide range of long-term health effects.

Because contaminated water can result in serious health issues and the transmission of disease (such as cholera, dysentery, and typhoid), it's extremely important that we ensure our water is safe to drink. By investing in bottleless water cooler solutions (either via home water dispensers or commercial water coolers), we can guarantee that our water is effectively filtered and sterilized. With a range of options available to the general public, from a small appliance that sits on your countertop to high capacity coolers, you'll be able to find exactly what you need.

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