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Clean Water Doesn't Come Bottled: Why Your Home Should Have A Water Filtration Solution

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A single glass of water holds so much potential.

It can turn into the highlight of your workout session. It can rinse off the sweat from your face when you're hiking up the mountain trail. It can turn into a delicious mug of tea to warm your hands on a cold winter night. When mineral build-up and the presence of bacteria threatens this potential, you'll do anything in your power to clear out your water supply and get you caught up to speed once more. There are quite a few wonderful water filtration resources available out there for you to enjoy.

Boost productivity and enjoy the taste of advanced filtration by reading the list below and learning more.

Did You Know?

Here are some fun facts you may or may not know about. Your body is made up of around 60% water. When you start to feel thirsty that's a sign your total water count has dropped by 1% or 2%! The global consumption of bottled water goes up by an estimated 10% every year, as many American households are becoming more privy to the issue of contaminated water and the impact it has on a family's health. Despite this, bottled water isn't always as clean as you think...which is why water filtration should be high on your list of priorities this year.

Water And Your Physical Health

You often hear about the health benefits of drinking six to eight glasses of water per day. What's the underlying function of constantly staying hydrated, though? The most obvious is keeping your water's body count high so you're not becoming dehydrated at the drop of a hat, which is even more likely to happen when it's hot or you're exerting yourself. You also drink a lot of water to keep your intestinal system working smoothly and to reduce the possibility of bacterial build-up in your urinary tract.

Water And Your Mental Health

It's not just your physical health that gets a boost from good water filtration and a steady diet. Your mental health also does a lot better when you're hydrated. Even mild dehydration can really affect your mental faculties and leave you in a poor spot to retain information or focus on a task. A human can only last three or four days without fresh water, so imagine how much more you can achieve by keeping up with your body's need for regular dehydration. An interesting study conducted recently found 'chronic dehydration' to be one of the most common and underrepresented health issues in the country.

The Definition Of Hard Water

A bottleless water cooler is one of your best options for gaining the most out of your water consumption. Hard water is a term used to describe water that has a high concentration of mineral build-up. If you've ever noticed your tap water tastes a little sweet or a little bitter, that's one sign you might need better water filtration. Another common sign of hard water build-up is a white or gray scum building on your faucet or bathtub. Instead of putting your health in the hands of companies that don't care, look into commercial water cooler solutions.

Your Water Filtration Options

When over 80% of the country is dealing with hard water, shedding out dollar after dollar for bottled versions doesn't cut it. You need an option that delivers every single time while freeing up your spare time. Water filtration takes on many forms, from reducing the number of minerals in your whole house water supply to providing a balanced pH. Today one out of eight people in the world don't have access to clean water, leaving them in the troubling position of managing dehydration and illness. Give you and your family the best possible chance at living a healthy life by looking into a commercial water dispenser.

Clean water is necessary for a healthy, happy life. How can a bottleless water cooler service make this a guarantee?

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