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Bottled vs Filtered Water

Installing a water cooler service for your home or for your office can seem like a big investment. A water dispenser is a bottleless system that is no bigger than a small appliance and can be used instead of bottled water. It can be hooked right into your main water supply to filter, sterilize, and balance the ph of the water of your home or office.

But why shouldn't you continue to simply purchase pre-bottled water instead? On the surface, it seems like the better option. Bottled water is cheap, easy, and safe. But that's just on the surface. Here are four reasons why installing a water sterilization system is the smarter option.

Healthier Water

The water you drink is directly tied to your health. Tap water contains millions of particles of bacteria, minerals, toxins, viruses and other pollutants. A water filtration system can sterilize the water so that you can feel good about what goes into your body. Bottom line is: your family and employees deserve the safest water. Keeping your workforce hydrated is the first step to having healthy, happy, and reliable employees. Healthier employees mean better workflow and more profit.

Trustworthy Water Sterilization

There are many types of bottled water on the market including spring water, mineral, purified, fluoridated, caffeinated, and artisan water. All of them claim to be the purest and the best, from the clearest, coolest springs in the Alps or glaciers in Antarctica. But can you really trust what is on the label? According to an article published in the New York Times, Nestle Waters, a company that sells bottled water, was involved in a lawsuit claiming that their so-called 'spring water' wasn't from a spring at all, but common groundwater. With a water sterilization unit built into your home or office, you know exactly where the water is coming from and can trust that it is clean, filtered, and safe to drink.

Save Money

Investing in a commercial water cooler can save you money in the long run. Not only does it cut the cost of having to purchase the bottled water, but it also cuts the cost of having to ship the bottles in. In addition to cutting the cost of shipping, installing an office water dispenser means paying the same flat fee no matter how much water is consumed daily. Whereas with bottled water, you pay for the amount of water your employees drink, but with a filtered system, you are simply filtering the water already at your building.

Planet Friendly

Going bottleless doesn't only save you money, it can also help you save the environment. The amount of bottled water sold around the world increases by approximately 10% every year. Spring and glacier water is not unlimited and will eventually run out. Going bottleless is a small step to preserving our natural environment. This not only reduces the amount of spring and glacier water consumed, but it also reducing the amount of plastic that is thrown away, which will eventually end up in a landfill or polluting our oceans. Also, by reducing the bottles that you need to deliver, you reduce your companies overall carbon footprint. Show that your company is eco friendly by helping to save the planet. A residential or commercial water dispenser can be the smartest choice to keep you and your family or employees drinking clean and safe water daily. Going bottleless is more trustworthy, heavier, cheaper, and saves the planet.

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