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Behind The Fad: Hydrogen Water

It's no secret that the Japanese are known as innovators. From advancements in technology to the automotive industry, Japan has been a leader in furthering the progress of the human race -- and they may have made a new discovery: hydrogen water.

What Is It?

The new rage in health and wellness in the archipelagic nation, hydrogen-infused water is being used in a variety of ways. Japan's Ministry of Health recently approved the use of saline IVs infused with hydrogen gas to help people recovering from infections, and hydrogen-infused baths and skin treatments are popular in Japanese spas to fight wrinkles and damage due to age.

The common element is said to reduce inflammation, acting much in the way antioxidants do. Oxidative stress, which is essentially an imbalance of the management of free radicals in your system, can cause premature aging and damage your cells. The inflammation resulting from this imbalance can also cause diseases that can become chronic conditions, such as type 2 diabetes. Hydrogen seems to reduce both inflammation and oxidative stress, meaning the use of hydrogen-infused water could go far beyond cosmetic purposes.

The Truth of the Matter

While all of these speculations could prove miraculous and beneficial to society, they are just that: speculations. Despite the fact that hydrogen-infused water is now being marketed in the U.S. at $3 a pop, boasting endless medical and physical benefits, the fact of the matter is that not enough studies have been done to prove its benefits one way or the other. Fortunately, hydrogen-infused treatments, whether they are internal or external, don't seem to have any harmful effects (the human body is, after all, made up of 60% H2O).

What This Means

If the health gains of hydrogen water are proven, everyday life could see a subtle change. Advanced filtration systems will include the addition of hydrogen gas, commercial water dispensers will be outfitted with the latest hydrogen technology, and employers will be able to boost productivity while also reducing their workforce's inflammation. At-home water filtration will allow people to stay hydrated as well as internally balanced, and the number of beauty products pushing hydrogen-infused ingredients will most likely skyrocket.

Human beings are hydrogen-based life forms, so it will be fascinating to see what science turns up regarding this current fad within the next few years. Until then, gather around your commercial water dispenser and enjoy a fresh, cold glass of clean, hydrogen-less water!

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