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A Guide to Help You Get the Ideal Office Water Cooler Solution

Water is critical for life. It is a vital part of our biological functions. But we also need water to boost our energy, stay hydrated, and improve skin health and complexion.

The office water cooler is the modern-day equivalent of the watering holes in the savanna. It gives staff a chance to socialize during work breaks.

Why Do I Need an Office Water Cooler?

There are important reasons why you need a dispenser in your workplace.

Sanitary Concerns: There may be concerns about the quality of water. It may have contaminants such as lead, or pathogens that can cause diseases. A commercial water dispenser provides a cost-effective and convenient solution for your needs.

Eliminate Waste: Using containers increases the amount of plastic that finds its way into landfills, groundwater, and eventually, ecosystems. The consumption of bottled water rises by 10% every year worldwide. Using a bottle-less water cooler can reduce pollution and your carbon footprint.

Encourage Staff to stay hydrated: Dehydration can cause headaches and lethargy. Drinking water is beneficial to the health of your workforce. Making it easily accessible to your staff will boost productivity.

Taste: Perhaps some of your staff want to drink more water, but they may consume it if it had a better taste.

Factors to Consider when Choosing a Water Cooler

There are many factors to consider, such as the availability of space, features, and the price, among others. But first, you should understand the distinction between a cooler and a dispenser. A dispenser does not need power from the mains because it only distributes water from the bottle. While a cooler requires electrical energy to cool or warm. The factors include

A System Suitable for Your Office

You should evaluate your office demands for water and find a suitable system. Will you be getting water straight from the tap line, or must you use bottled water? What quantity will be adequate, given the number of staff you have? Here are a few types of coolers.

Top Loading Water Coolers: The bottle is set at the top of the cooler. They are usually compact, easy to move, and inexpensive.

Point of Use: If you already have a water line in your home or office, it can save you time. A bottle-less water cooler eliminates the extra work of loading up the dispenser.

Office Space Considerations

If you have limited space, you need an office water cooler that is compact and can fit neatly into the available space. You also want to place it where it will be easily accessible to staff. There are two main options

Countertop Office Water Cooler: These coolers are suitable for offices where there is no access to the tap line. Their design is usually compact and portable, which makes it suitable for small spaces.

Counter Top Office Water Dispenser: They are compact and portable like countertop coolers. But they are ideal for places where you want cool water, but there is no accessible power outlet.

Extra Features

There are some extra features you may want to consider when choosing an office water cooler. You may need them depending on your style, preference, or if you require an advanced filtration system.

Cafe Ice Connect: Allows you to connect your dispenser or cooler to the Ice, Espresso, or Coffee Makers.

Child Safety Lock for Hot Water Faucet: The safety lock protects the hot faucet and prevents the risk of children getting burnt.

Balance PH: Excess acidity or alkalinity can cause skin irritation and redness of eyes, according to the World Health Organization. The office water cooler can ensure that the PH is within the range that is safe for drinking.

Accessories: Additional accessories will keep your office tidy and neat. They include cup holders to store containers and trays to minimize spillage.

In Conclusion

An office water cooler solution can boost your staff’s productivity while keeping them healthy. They come with a wide range of features to suit your needs. You can keep your workforce hydrated by using a convenient water delivery service.

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