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7 Benefits of Bottleless Water Coolers & Dispensers

Water is known as one of the most basic commodities that people cannot stay without. You will see people walking on the streets and in railway terminus holding water bottles. Biological research studies have shown that humans can only last a maximum of four days without fresh water, which is a clear indication that water is an essential life commodity. People need water at home while walking and also in workplaces.

If you are the office manager and considering providing sufficient and fresh water to your office workers, how about considering bottleless water cooler for your office? A bottleless water cooler is a modern water cooling system that does not have a bottle on top of it. Unlike the traditional water dispenser, a bottleless water cooler gets water directly from the supply line, which means that you will not have to replace the bottles.

Why should you consider bottleless water cooler?

Incredible Cost Effective

As an office manager, you are always conflicted and motivated by the urge to lower the cost of operating your office while at the same time maximizing output. A bottleless water cooler service will provide exactly what you want. You will not have to buy water anymore. All you need is to connect your filtration system directly to the running water and forget the hassle of having to buy a new gallon of water every week.

Never Run Out of Drinking Water

Well, with the old dispenser, you know the last drop of water is likely to drain any time during the day. Time will pass before the water you ordered is delivered to your office. By this time, most of your employees will be complaining of thirst, which is not a very comfortable experience. With a bottleless water cooler solution, you will never run out of clean and fresh water. Water is readily available from the main pipe unless there is major repair in your local area.

No More Lifting Heavy Water Jugs

As the office manager, do your team a favor. Eliminate the tiresome issue of lifting a 5-gallon water jug now and then. You already know that water spills on the floor, and sometimes this can damage some important files. The countertop water cooler will eliminate this old age office problem. Besides, your employees will not waste time trying to lift heavy water gallons, but they will concentrate on their office tasks.

A Healthier Choice

Dispensers with a bottle on top exposed people to health issues as water could stay for a longer period on the bottle before it is consumed. This means that there was a likelihood of waterborne diseases. With the countertop water dispenser, water is always flowing through the pipe, which means that every time you are switching on, you are getting fresh water from the source. All waterborne diseases are eliminated with a simple installation of a water cooler solution.

Advanced filtration

Bottleless water cooler system comes with an advanced filtration system, which means that your employees will be drinking safe and clean water with no particles and debris. Water filtration is an essential aspect because it plays a major role in determining the safety of the water. This system is currently becoming a trend as the water being provided has proved to be very useful to the office users.

Water Sterilization

Water sterilization is the process of ensuring that all the germs and bacteria in water have been killed through a sterilization agent. With advanced water cooler systems, you don't have to use chlorine or another sterilization product because water has already been sterilized from the source. This means that you will be drinking water with a balance Ph.

Go Green

Going green is an attractive opportunity. By buying bottled water, you are supporting the production of plastic and thereby destroying the environment. However, with a bottleless water cooler, you don't need any bottled water, which means that you have reduced the demand for plastic production hence saving the environment.

Bottled water has been there for a longer period and has contributed to environmental degradation and waterborne diseases. Moving to bottleless water cooling system eliminates all the challenges experienced with the old bottled water system. Give your office a new and refreshing look by installing a bottleless cooler.

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