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6 Benefits of Using Bottleless Water Coolers

The use of bottled water goes up at least 10% each year. This has negative implications on the environment. Luckily, bottleless commercial water dispensers are becoming more popular as time goes by.

Just as their name suggests, bottleless water coolers do not come with a bottle at the top, while bottled water dispensers and coolers have a small bottle that is refilled regularly. These are some of the reasons why bottleless commercial water dispensers are a better alternative in the long run.

1. They Have Stylish and Modern Designs

Bottleless commercial water dispensers come in a variety of colors, sizes, and shapes. They have soft lines and touch screen LED displays that make them look elegant and posh, improving the general aesthetics of your office and home. This implies that they not only play the role of the office water dispenser but also make your office look stylish.

Having one of these installed in your office sets your firm apart.

2. You Only Make One Monthly Payment

You will literally be required to make only one payment each month, the payment of which is inclusive of servicing, maintenance, and customer support. You will have no extra surprise charges, and this may prove to be useful to you if you have a rigidly structured budget.

Installing a bottleless commercial water dispenser will also save you up to 70% of what you spend now on bottled water deliveries. You will also stop paying for the manufacture, recycling, and disposal of plastic water bottles. You can then save the extra cash or dedicate it to something else.

3. They Offer Superior Water Filtration

Bottleless commercial water dispensers are plugged into the building’s main plumbing system. This means that each and every drop out of your home water dispenser is clean and pure since all the water goes through advanced filtration. Most of these machines have a UV light system that kills all bacteria in your water.

They also don’t have exposed taps and faucets, which are usually susceptible to mold and water stagnation. This ensures that your home and office have access to clean, safe drinking water.

4. They Provide Limitless Supply of Water

How many times have you walked over to the bottled water dispenser only to find the bottle empty? Having a bottleless water dispenser in your office ensures that you always have cool or hot water in the office whenever there is a need. This is because it is plugged right into your building’s plumbing system.

5. It is Hassle Free and Convenient

Installing a bottleless water cooler and connecting it to your main plumbing system may seem daunting, but it is really much simpler than it sounds. They are usually installed using a simple three-step process, after which you are saved the hassle of bottled water racks and other aspects of bottle storage.

6. Bottleless Commercial Water Dispensers are Environment Friendly

Despite the widespread recycling campaigns, water bottles continue to cost the planet. Switching to bottleless water coolers will reduce your carbon footprint by up to 72% and reduces your contribution to landfills. Therefore, bottleless water coolers are a smart and environment-conscious choice.

Final Words

Bottleless water dispensers are the new wave. They not only look cool but also save you a ton of money while helping conserve the environment. They also ensure that you and your family drink clean and safe water. Depending on the model you purchase, these dispensers usually have UV light filtration systems that kill bacteria and other micro-organisms.

You may be opting for bottled water because it is advertised as “spring water” but do you know that only 5-10% of this is actually regular filtered tap water? You have nothing to lose by joining in on the bottleless water dispensers bandwagon, and everything to gain.

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