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3 Things to Remember When You Have a Water Cooler

Your home water dispenser is arguably the most important small appliance in your home. How you maintain your dispenser dictates the quality of the water your household drinks, and how long your machine will serve you for.

It is, therefore, essential to keep your water dispenser clean at all times. Maintaining your water cooler is a relatively simple task. These tips will help you keep your commercial water cooler clean and functional.

1. Cleaning Your Water Cooler

Cool, clean water refreshes the human mind and helps boost productivity. Each household and office need to have access to this. However, if your water dispenser is dirty, this will sully the taste and composition of your water.

Since bottleless coolers have a closed-system design, they are generally less prone to contamination. Nonetheless, proper care must be taken when handling the water treatment section of the system. This is because improper handling of the membrane, filters, and other components of the system may lead to contamination.

When cleaning your bottleless commercial water dispenser, flush the filters to remove carbon fines and entrained air. You must wash standard filter bowls with soapy, warm water, and rinse them before replacing the water dispenser filters. If yours comes supplied with an RO accumulator tank, you ought to douse it with a sanitizer to keep it clean and operational, thus helping boost productivity of your employees.

When you replace a standard filter or QC module, the system is exposed to conditions favorable for bacterial intrusion into the system. It’s a good idea to place a few drops of chlorine into the QC modules to keep the RO and filtration system bacteria-free and help boost productivity of your personnel.

2. Maintaining Your Commercial Water Dispenser

Highly advanced water coolers come equipped with either Ultraviolet or Ozone sanitizing systems. These systems require the UV and Ozone lamps to be replaced annually. Typically, the maintenance of such systems should only be done by experts and experienced workers to ensure it continues to provide continuous disinfection, in this way helping to boost productivity of your household.

In case your water cooler malfunctions, be sure to contact a qualified water dispenser company to come to check out your dispenser for you. This will ensure that the necessary corrections are done as efficiently and effectively as possible, thus ruling out the need for future repairs. Having such a company come by regularly to inspect and service your cooler will ensure it is always operating at optimum, and this will help you boost productivity.

3. Understanding Risks and Your Responsibilities

The risks that come tied to using a commercial water dispenser can be avoided by exercising certain precautions. Burn injuries, for example, are quite common, explaining why most water dispensers have a safety switch on the hot water spigot. Do not try to fill hot water into a bottle with a narrow opening as you may miss the hole and burn your fingers.

When installing a commercial water dispenser, you ought to consider how far the outlet is from the water supply. If they are too close to each other, this could be a potential hazard if the dispenser ever leaks, putting you and your loved ones at risk of electrocution.

Why Every Office Needs a Bottleless Water Cooler

American businesses lose close to $226 billion in annual revenue due to lost productivity, owing to sickness. Since bottleless water coolers are usually sealed, water hardly ever comes into contact with bacteria, making the water clean and safe to drink.

When your firm has a bottleless water cooler, you have no recycling costs. You also do not have to pay a bottled water delivery agent ever so often. This will save your business a lot of money in the long run.

These water dispensers have nature’s best interests at heart. They have helped reduce the need for plastic water bottles. Buying a bottleless water dispenser for your office will help your company reduce its carbon footprint, ultimately doing your bit for the environment.

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