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3 Benefits of Bottleless Water Coolers

Simply put, we just can't do without water. Because our bodies are composed up of nearly 60% water, human beings are only able to survive without it for three to four days. We're becoming more aware of the importance of drinking plenty of water as well. America is full of people toting their huge bottles of water along with them as if they're anticipating a trek through the Sahara desert. In fact, we're drinking 38% more water in the United States than we did 15 years ago, on average.

If you're a manager or business owner with a team of parched employees to satisfy, a bottleless water cooler may be the solution for you. Here are three benefits that they offer, courtesy of Allstar Water Systems and Waterlogic

1. They're Extremely Economical.

When compared with the average cost of a five-gallon water cooler bottle from your water cooler service at $0.79 per gallon, a bottleless water cooler system combined with a reverse-osmosis (RO) filter provides your office with a pure, delicious water source for roughly $.02 per gallon. You'll have happy, well-hydrated employees as well as a very cost-effective system. And remember, keeping your workforce hydrated will lessen sluggishness brought on by dehydration and boost productivity.

2. No More Drawing Straws to See Who Has to Change the Water Bottle.

This is the one office task that nobody jumps up to volunteer for. Changing cumbersome water bottles without spilling water all over the floor and yourself is a nearly superhuman feat. The only thing worse is having someone in the office finish the last of the water without replacing the empty water bottle.

If your company is growing by leaps and bounds, but your office water system is stuck in the past, you don't need to constantly increase your water deliveries. A bottleless water cooler service will supply your thirsty crew with all the fresh, healthy water they need at the touch of a button.

3. They're Kind to the Environment.

As Waterlogic states, bottleless water coolers are much more environmentally friendly than conventional systems, and can reduce your carbon footprint by as much as 70%. They also eliminate the use of plastic bottles, which are non-degradable and eventually go to landfills.

Because these systems are more cost-efficient, convenient, and more eco-friendly, adding a bottleless water system to your office may be just the solution you and your drought-stricken employees are looking for.

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