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3 Benefits of a Home Water Dispenser

While many people may be familiar with commercial water dispensers (enough to know that that's where the best office gossip happens), did you know that a home water dispenser can be beneficial for your home as well? Though it may not be a hub for gossip the way it is at the office, a home water dispenser can help solve many common health and safety concerns that crop up in the home. Today, we'll be talking about some of the benefits you might find from a residential water cooler service.

Safe for All Ages

If you live in a home with young children, especially ones who are just learning their independence, the sink and countertop may be an area that's still difficult for small hands to navigate. A home water dispenser has the benefit of having spouts at an appropriate height for children of all ages, so that they can assert their independence by getting their own cool water. Unlike traditional sinks, there's no risk of burns if they turn the wrong tap. Not only are the hot and cold water spouts color coded, but almost all home water dispenser units come equipped with child safety locks that help prevent young children from burning themselves by mistake.

Another important safety feature that's present in home water dispenser setups is where the refillable jug is positioned. With both top-loading and bottom-loading models, you don't have to worry about lifting heavy water jugs if you're not comfortable with that process.

Clean Water Always

If you live in an area that struggles with access to clean tap water, a home water dispenser service might be the answer you're looking for. Whether you're looking for emergency backups in the event of natural disasters or looking for a more permanent solution, a freestanding or countertop water cooler can take the pressure of the unknown away and allow you to breathe easy knowing that your water needs will always be met.

No More Costly Filter Replacements

If you're relying on pitcher or tap filter system, you may think that you're already getting all the clean water you need, but your water may not be quite as clean as you think you are. Pitcher filter systems can contain up to 10,000 times the bacteria as regular tap water, usually due to users not changing out the filters on a regular basis. With a home water dispenser service, this sort of maintenance is minimal on your end, with many water delivery service for home offering maintenance on your machine if it should happen to break down.

So now that you know the benefits that a home water dispenser service can provide for you and your family, the only question is to decide what model or style is right for you. When comparing models, you can take into account whether your house would benefit from a full-sized tower or countertop model, as well as the finish that will fit your decor, and the features that match your budget.

Regardless of which model you choose, a home water dispenser setup will provide you the same great benefits. If you're interested in discussing which system is right for your needs, contact us today! Our specialists will be happy to answer any questions you may have and help you down the road to clean, affordable water dispensation for your home.

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