No more contracts. No more maintenance. No more lifting heavy bottles. We've invested our experience and time to create the most simplified service just for you. Here's how it works.


Shop our robust selection of water purification appliances, and select the cooler(s) that best meet your needs.

Click Start next to the hardware you've selected. Register your account by providing us with your shipping and payment information.


We'll send you an email confirming your new service and hardware selection. You can also click on the large blue button to login and manage your account.

One of our specialists will contact you within 48 hours (usually 24) to schedule your equipment delivery and installation. They'll also be happy to answer any special requests or concerns you have.

One of our techs will deliver your new Sky Water appliance. They will walk through your home/office with you to identify the best water source, and where to install your cooler. Next, they will then run a water line to the unit, then install and calibrate the appliance. Before they leave, they will also give you a quick intro to your new hardware, and answer any questions you may have!

Your new appliance will provide your office with deliciously pure cold and hot water. You will enjoy the satisfaction of knowing you're sparing the environment from thousands of discarded bottles. Plus, if you have a Voyager or Enterprise, your coffee and/or ice may taste better.

Once a month you'll receive an email with your monthly invoice. Your credit card will be charged by our auto pay system. You will be able to login and manage your account online, 24/7, or contact our in-house Brooklyn-based support via email or phone during standard business.

Your subscription will include free maintenance and technical support. All you have to do is call us or shoot us a message, and one of our support specialists will get back to you within 24 hours.