water coolers in NY

Sky Water Systems was established in 2007 as an early pioneer of the Go Green movement providing drinking water solutions for offices.

water supply service

We are a service company at heart. The only water filtration company to offer a 24 hour turn around guarantee on service in the tri-state area. We believe in robot free customer service. Our service team knows our customers by name.

water delivery service

Our clientele list is mainly comprised of high end offices in NYC. Health conscious, environmentally friendly companies that know the value of having the right water cooler in the office. Our customers don't come to us to save money, but they are pleasantly surprised nonetheless when they do. 

water filtration experts

What we do differently is provide the customer generously and honestly with the filtration product they need. We know you aren't an expert in water filtration and we are. We won't use that advantage to save money by providing cheap solutions like our lower end competitors. Instead, we will educate you on what to look for because an educated consumer is our best customer. 



Our products are manufactured to the same standards, the same production quality, and in the same factories as top brands like GE, Whirlpool, and Black & Decker.



We are a 1-stop shop for all your water filtration needs. We install, set-up, service, change filters, repair, relocate, and upgrade your cooler. You can schedule service right on out website. 

Our filtration process has been fine tuned over the years to match exactly with the needs of our service territory. This process applied to NY, NJ, and CT city water will give you water quality superior to bottled water in every way. Go ahead... Test it! You won't get this exclusive combination anywhere else.

No long term contracts

We decided to do away with the standard 5-year contract term in our industry. We give you the option to cancel anytime. This way you stay with us because you want to, not cause you have to.